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Martial Arts Online - Help Your Child Succeed With Our Great Martial Arts

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“Our Mission; To help people succeed in life, through the vehicle of Martial Arts.”

Mark Deacon

Mark Deacon / Chief Instructor at DMAF

Why Choose Martial Arts Online?

  • Do It From The Comfort Of Your Own Home - Easy to follow at home without the disruption of travel. Get it done in less time with our martial arts online program.
  • Learn As A Family - You can learn together as a family without multiple memberships! 
  • You Have Control Of What You Do - No need to follow others, you can spend more time working on the things you need to as an individual!
  • 100% Attention - Your child gets 100% attention, you watch the tutorials and work through them together, not 1 of 30 children in a class!
  • Focused Feedback - Submit videos for feedback from instructors. Get detailed feedback and tips on what to work on.
  • Great progress - Due to your time being spent on what you need to work on and detailed feedback, you can make great progress.
  • Get Your Black Belt At Home - Come to our Center or grade via Video and Online live!

Register For A 7 Day Free Trial Now

Discover Our Benefits

Martial Arts Belt Online

Belt Syllabus

Follow our systemised Belt Syllabus and progress through the ranks, taking gradings up to Black Belt.

Kids Martial Arts Online

Pad Routines

Drill the skills you need to succeed. Learn how to hold and strike the pads and learn great combinations.

Girls Martial Arts

Personal Development

Develop the personal attributes needed to succeed. Perseverance, Confidence and so much more.

Learn Martial Arts Online

Virtual Support

Submit videos for feedback and personalised help on what to work on and how to improve. Get feedback from the head coach himself.

Kids Martial Arts

Home Fitness Training

From flexibility flows and leg strengthening drills to home workouts to improve every physical aspect of athleticism.

Martial Arts Has No Rival When It Comes To Benefits

Our aim is to change peoples lives for the better through martial arts online, not just teach them "Moves"

With our proven system we aim to improve confidence, resilience, discipline and loads more to give people the best chance of success in life! There is no bench at DMAF, all inclusive and all succeed.

Here are a few of many benefits:



The Most Important attribute I think you can have. If you believe you can you will, if you believe you cant you won't! It's so important to develop this from a young age to succeed in later life.



Modern day everything is now and comes easy! Perseverance is a thing that's dying out. To pick yourself up and carry on no matter what is so important for success. No one ever got it right first time and through our training we develop this through the grades.



Not just the kind you think of when a child does as they are told! Although I wish they would do that more! But the discipline to do the best job you can do every time! To me that's where the magic is.



To respect you partners, teachers, colleagues etc. This is the building block of all relationships and you're going no where without it. We develop respect in our training for whoever is training with us, helping us, holding pads, our instructors and family.

Together with the amazing personal development you gain from training in martial arts along with many other benefits we really believe there is nothing that can compare to the benefits you gain from taking part in martial arts.

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